White Rose MXC1Scooter Webster
White Rose MXC3Jack Grayshon
Red Bull Pro National1Will Keogh
Red Bull Pro National9Scooter Webster
YMSA 2012 Championships2Luke Byard
WRMXC Summer Series13rdJack Grayshon
Sheffield Supercross1Will Keogh
Sheffield Supercross3Scooter Webster
WRMXC Winter Series21stJack Grayshon
AMCA Master Series2Brad Malin
British Supercross2Northern Ireland roundScooter Webster
The Golden Tyre Tsunami Winter Series
11stJack Greyshon
The Golden Tyre Tsunami Winter Series22ndJack Greyshon
2011/12 Big Wheel 85ChampionOverallScooter Webster