Ricky Carmichael

What a fantasic couple days the team had at the Ricky Carmichael training university at Fat Cat. Along with Ricky was the organizer and ex World Champion Jamie Dobb and Jeff Stanton, Jeff Emeig and the amazing Tommy Searle. All the top boys gave there time and did a superb job chatting to the kids and giving them tips on how to ride safe and fast. I will definately be taking the team next year if we are lucky enough to have such a talented line up. PS they brought some amazing weather with them as well to top off a first class day.

Heres a few shots from the day.

Ozzie, Scooter, Jack and Will getting ready to go out on the track for the first session

Jack and Ozzie loving every minute

More tips this time from Tommy

Ricky giving Ozzie some good tips

Little Jack getting it on with Tommy over the table top

Ozzie getting his certificate from Ricky

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