Vampires Rock Racing Year Round Up

Well it’s been an interesting second year for team Vampires Rock KTM. Everything was going to plan with some early winter championships in the bag for the team and then we took a blow with David Keets breaking his leg at the first round of the GT Cup.

steves pics 106

David is now out for the year we gave young Jordan Hearn a ride in the small wheel 85s who managed a top 20 in the Red Bull and an 8th in the GT Cup.

In the Autos Harvey Cashmore rode like a champion all year managing to top the podium in third overall at the GT Cup. Harvey just missed out on taking the second spot with some bike problems in the final rounds.

Jack Grayshon on the 65 rode outstandingly all year with many podiums and finally finishing  3rd overall in the GT Cup.

Our other little superstar was Ozzie Murray the youngster of the team who improved at every round and managed to come home in the top 20 of the GT Cup and he also received the most improved rider trophy of the series.

Both Jack and Ozzie will be aiming high for 2014 and we expect them both to be on the podium in future championships.

Ozzie Murray most improved player 65 1200Scooter Webster on board the 125 look set for a fantastic year when disaster struck again when he broke a small bone in his foot leaving him to sit out the first round of the Red Bull Nationals. Scooter came back for the next rounds to climb back into second spot only to have his podium finish taken away when he tore his knee the week before the Red Bull Last round. Scooter managed to still finish fourth overall in the final standings.

For 2014 Motul Oil have come onboard as a lead sponsor to the team. Vampires Rock Motul will be flying the flag at the British ACU youth championships and the GT Cup. We would like to thanks all our Sponsors for their support and we hope to see you all onboard for the new race season. The team and sponsors will be announced at the Dirt Bike Show later this year. All the best


Steve Steinman
Vampires Rock Motul Racing


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